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Five Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Maintenance of Lantern Display Faults

Five Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Maintenance of Lantern Display Faults

During the lantern fair magic lantern show, various faults are often encountered. Although the maintenance does not require workers to have high professional skills, some basic knowledge still needs to be paid attention to. For example, the following four problems about fault maintenance needs to be paid attention to. 

1. Anti-static protection for lantern display

The lantern display is different from the LED bulbs used in the production of lanterns. The light festival uses some light sources with electronic components. If anti-static measures are not taken during maintenance, the electronic components will be burned out, causing the entire light source to be damaged. If you need to use a soldering iron tool for troubleshooting, you must use an anti-static soldering iron. At the same time, maintenance workers must also take anti-static measures, such as electrostatic rings and electrostatic gloves. If there are no conditions, they can be washed with cold water.

2. Lantern display maintenance to avoid sparks

The two important components of the Lantern Festival lantern display are light bulbs and cloth, which are materials that are not fireproof. If the bulb is continuously smoked by sparks, it will generate high temperature and the bulb will turn black. If it catches fire, it will directly cause the bulb to melt. At the same time, the fabric is even more resistant to sparks, and sparks can easily ignite the fabric. This is a taboo for lantern displays. Once a fire occurs, there is no remedy.

3. The lantern display should avoid high temperature

For the fault maintenance of the Lantern Festival lantern display, it should be noted that the control chip cannot withstand high temperature continuously, and the chip will be burned out by high temperature. Therefore, the temperature of the soldering iron used in maintenance must be controlled, and the temperature should be limited within the acceptable range. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention not to stay at one point for more than 10 seconds during maintenance and soldering. If this time is exceeded, it is likely to melt the glue and cause degumming.

4. Lantern display to find out the cause of the failure

Many lantern displays are caused by a short circuit at the wiring, and the cause of the failure must be identified during maintenance. Otherwise, rushing to replace the parts for maintenance is likely to cause the fault to occur when the power is turned on again. Therefore, before repairing, we must find out the cause of the failure, and prescribe the right medicine to get twice the result with half the effort.

5. Lantern display maintenance location

Due to the special craftsmanship of the magic lantern show, the outer fabric is glued to the steel frame, and once it is cut, it cannot be restored. If there is an internal fault and needs to be repaired, you need to choose a back as the cutting position, which will not affect the visual effect.

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