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How Holiday Time Lights Manufacturers Design Light Show Renderings

How Holiday Time Lights Manufacturers Design Light Show Renderings

Every industry is inseparable from design. Design is especially important for holiday time lights manufacturers, who need to take each other's ideas from imaginary to tangible objects. This not only requires a certain degree of artistry, but also requires a deep understanding of the national traditional culture. How should we design the renderings of the light show?

1. Lighting pattern hand-painted creation

Hand-painted creation was the most commonly used lighting pattern design method for holiday time lights manufacturers in the 1990s. At that time, the electronics industry was not popular, and only the method of pen and paper was used for design and creation. The concept has a strong understanding, the advantage is that it has a high artistic background, and the disadvantage is that it takes a long time.

2. Graphic design of lighting pattern

Two thousand years later, with the popularization of the electronics industry and the widespread use of computers, holiday time lights manufacturers have also begun to enter the milestone creation and design, no longer need to slow and complex hand-painted creation, open the computer graphics software, combining various materials together, quickly complete the renderings of architectural lanterns and light exhibitions. And it is easy to carry and display, but it is easy for people to produce a homogeneous aesthetic experience. The common software for graphic design light exhibition renderings is PS.

3. Three-dimensional design of lighting patterns

More and more projects are no longer limited to flat renderings that can only be seen on one side, but want to let the festival light manufacturers show their works more completely in an all-round way, so there is a three-dimensional design, on the basis of flat design Carry out in-depth creation, so that each lantern can be displayed in the form of 720 degrees, and observe every detail. However, 3D design takes a long time and requires a lot of energy, but the renderings are incomparable to graphic design. The common 3D design software for light motifs renderings of holiday time lights manufacturers includes 3dmax and maya.

4. Lighting pattern AR, VR virtual imaging

When the renderings are no longer limited to just looking at, it is necessary to develop higher-end renderings of the light show, such as AR and VR virtual imaging, which are created based on 3D design, which can make the grand sense and visual shock of the light show more intuitively felt, but due to the high development cost and slow speed of AR and VR virtual imaging, they are generally only used for display by holiday time lights manufacturers, and will not be used for every light show.

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