Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Arts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Arts Co., Ltd.
Theme Park

Lanterns For Theme Park

Our Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. has abundant experience in theme park lighting for our leading stage in this section. We promise that tourists will get a pleasant experience in the park. 

Deyi is specialized in vivid lantern design and production with the most advanced technology and the most varied materials. Deyi makes different types of lanterns to meet your request in your amusement parks with exquisite craftsmanship, including animals lamp, plant-shaped lamp, and kinds of fairy tale characters lamp. 

Not only the shapes, but the colors are varied, we make colorful chinese lanterns, such as Chinese lights with yellow, red, white, and so on. 

Do you want to light up your theme park? Contact Deyi!