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Product Features of LED Christmas Lanterns

Product Features of LED Christmas Lanterns

LED Christmas lantern decor is suitable for urban lighting projects, business and tourism facade decoration, advertising decoration, large-scale lighting patterns, dance halls, hotels, high-grade places, urban streets, courtyards, pedestrian streets, parks and green spaces, which can play a role in the urban beautification and lighting. LED Christmas lantern products have the following characteristics:

(1) With ultra-high brightness, semiconductor LED light source which is packaged with special process and technology is adopted.

(2) The light-emitting angle of the LED string lights is designed to be large, and the half-angle is greater than 120 degrees. Besides, the color mixture is uniform, and there is no color spot.

(3) LED Christmas lanterns adopt pure copper PVC wire, which is non-toxic, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging with strong weather resistance. Transparent wire or black wire can be selected.

(4) It has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat generation, long service life of 100,000 hours, impact resistance, water proof, high reliability, pure and soft colors, and no glare.

(5) The color consistency of the string lights of LED Christmas lantern is good. The colors include red, yellow, blue, white, warm white, four colors combination, seven colors combination and so on.

(6) It is controlled by the micro-controller. Various effects such as constant light, gradual change, jump change, and color flashing can be realized. The LED light source doesn't have polluted materials and violet infrared radiation, which makes a significant contribution to the environmental protection and eye protection.

(7) The fully encapsulated conductive part has excellent shock-proof and moisture-proof functions.

(8) It can be combined and folded into any shape, and various shapes can be made according to the actual situation of the object to be decorated. The colors are pure and can be varied. It is the most ideal kind of decorative lighting for making shapes and lighting patterns.

(9) The lamp cap of LED Christmas lanterns can adopt Christmas lantern decor with shapes such as five-pointed star, snowflake, boat, strawberry, olive fruit, diamond, dragonfly, butterfly and various flowers.