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What Are the Classic Shapes of Chinese Lantern Festival Lanterns?

What Are the Classic Shapes of Chinese Lantern Festival Lanterns?

1. Lantern Festival lanterns: palace lantern

Palace lanterns are special Chinese handicrafts that are famous in the world. Palace lantern won this name because it was mostly made and used by imperial palaces and feudal officials. The shapes of palace lanterns are very rich, including square, hexagon, octagon, round beads, flower baskets, Fangsheng pattern, double fishes, gourds, Panchang pattern, mugwort leaves, glasses, lantern rings and many other varieties. The hexagonal palace lantern is the representative. The production of lantern festival lanterns and palace lanterns is also very complicated. It mainly uses carved wood, carved bamboo, and engraved copper as the skeleton, and then is inlaid with silk yarn, glass or horn slices, and painted with auspicious and auspicious themes such as landscapes, flowers and birds, fish and insects, figures and others.

2. Lantern Festival lanterns: revolving horse lantern

The revolving horse lanterns were called Panchi lanterns, fairy candles, revolving heron lanterns, and horse riding lanterns in ancient times. They are characteristic handicrafts of the Han nationality and are also Chinese festival lanterns. It belongs to a kind of lantern. It is a unique kind of ornamental lantern in the festive lantern art, whose reputation spreads all over the world, and it is often seen in festivals such as the Lantern Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival. The candle is lit in the lantern, and the heat generated creates an air flow that causes the wheel and axle to rotate. There is paper-cutting on the axle, and the shadow of the paper-cutting is projected on the screen by candlelight, and the image is constantly rotating. Because many pictures of ancient military generals riding horses are drawn on different faces of the lantern, and when the lantern turns, it looks like a few people are chasing after each other, hence the name is "revolving horse lanterns". The candles in the revolving horse lantern need to be cut into small sections. It is important to ensure the candles are kept upright in the revolving horse lantern without being tilted.

3. Lantern Festival lanterns: rabbit lantern

The rabbit lantern are three heads in parallel, and the middle head is very big, commonly known as "Rabbit Grandma", and the heads on both sides are smaller, so they are called "Thin Rabbit". Use bamboo strips as the skeleton, paste it with red, white, and green paper, insert a wick in the middle, and carry it away after lighting. According to legend, this is because some people look forward to having a child and it is easy for rabbit to give birth to children, so the rabbit lantern symbolizes that there are many babies in the family. The legend has been passed down to today.

4. Lantern Festival lanterns: lotus lantern

The lotus lantern is the lantern that young girls and boys in ancient China gave to each other as a gift on the Lantern Festival, which has rich meanings. Later, this lantern usually is presented to newlyweds during the Lantern Festival, because it is said that a pair of festive lanterns can bless the newlyweds to give birth to healthy and fat babies.

5. Lantern Festival lanterns: dragon lantern

China is the hometown of the dragon, and the Chinese nation regards themselves as the descendants of the dragon. Dragon lantern, also known as "dragon dance", is one of the Chinese folk decorative lighting and dance forms, which is popular in many areas of China. There is a dragon head in front of a dragon lantern, and the number of sections in the its body varies, but it is generally singular. There is a stick under each section to support it. Since ancient times, there were so many legends about the dragon, and the dragon has become a spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation's continuous self-improvement.

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