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Our Chinese lantern company is dedicated to the design of different festive lanterns, also, we offer personalized customization to your unique idea! Welcome to choose Deyi Chinese lantern manufacturer as your partner.
Chinese Lantern Festival
Our Chinese lantern company is dedicated to the design of different festive lanterns, also, we offer personalized customization to your unique idea! Welcome to choose Deyi Chinese lantern manufacturer as your partner.
Motif Lighting
As the professional holiday time lights manufacturer, we are constantly adding new lantern motif to lighting products, check these categories to choose whatever you want!
  • Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with outdoor Christmas decorations featuring Santa, elves and more!
  • Exquisite-designed lanterns with Halloween elements bring aesthetic pleasure and a good mood.
  • Snowflake-shaped lanterns create a pleasant atmosphere in street/ at home with soft light.
  • Star image in lantern design can glow new vitality for this classic image.
  • Wonderful lanterns are used to decorate the outdoor street in leisure places or on special festivals.
  • Lanterns with cultural characteristics show exotic charm to others.
  • Tree-shaped lanterns give consideration to both lighting and decoration, showing innovative spirit.
  • Lanterns in a modern style never follow the rules but have no limit to creativity.
We are not just a paper lantern company, our lanterns can also be made with fiberglass, porcelain, glass beads for fancy visual experience.
  • Fiberglass Lantern

    Fiberglass, as a translucent material, has a better effect on lantern production. Due to fiberglass lanterns' light-weight and waterproof characteristics, the fiberglass lantern can adapt to long-distance transportation.

  • Porcelain Lantern

    Porcelain is a Chinese traditional material, and this kind of lantern has a lower cost than lanterns with other materials. Besides, porcelain lanterns are hard-wearing and watertight for marine transportation.

  • Glass Bead Lantern

    Glass beads have different colors, such as pink, purple, gold, and so on, also, beads have multiple shapes, which makes the manufacture of glass bead lantern flexible.

We have a professional designer team offering excellent design service for a set of lantern light or the whole park solution to meet customers' different needs.

Guangzhou Deyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. originated from the Lantern Festival in Zigong. Committed to spreading traditional Chinese culture and sharing the lantern culture of hometown with friends all over the world. The company's production base is located in Da'an District, Zigong City, with a branch in Guangzhou. The company focuses on the production of various festive lanterns and landscape sculpture products, and has a stable art design team and construction team to provide customers with high-quality lanterns. Provide customers with lighting display consulting, design, production, customization, display and other services.

Oct 12 , 2022
During the lantern fair magic lantern show, various faults are often encountered. Although the maintenance does not require workers to have high professional skills, some basic knowledge still needs t...
Oct 05 , 2022
The Chinese Lantern Festival has a long history in the Chinese community around the world. It is also known as the Shangyuan Festival, the Little First Month, the New Year's Eve, the New Year or t...
Sep 13 , 2022
Every industry is inseparable from design. Design is especially important for holiday time lights manufacturers, who need to take each other's ideas from imaginary to tangible objects. This not on...
Sep 06 , 2022
As a new type of luminous body, the advantages of LED Chinese lanterns with light carving technology are not only novel in style, energy saving and environmental protection, but also many advantages t...
Aug 15 , 2022
1. Triangular Zigong LanternAmong the traditional craft lamps, the lamp is simple in shape, easy to manufacture and widely used as a triangular lamp. It has a square mouth, a pointed bottom, and a sli...
Aug 08 , 2022
Because the threshold for entering the production of LED Christmas lanterns is low, many people in this project want to take a share. But an experienced person can still identify, from the appearance,...
Jul 14 , 2022
Every year, the production of the Lantern Festival is a non-standard process, which will cause a large number of leftovers of materials. At the same time, due to the particularity of the production pr...
Jul 07 , 2022
As the festival is approaching, many places have quietly started to plan lantern fairs, but because it is a non-standard industry, there are no relevant process quality inspection standards. Often poo...
Jun 10 , 2022
LED Chinese lanterns are simple and elegant, and have strong Chinese characteristics. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be equipped with LED lamp beads. The modern city must have a unique...
Jun 03 , 2022
LED Chinese lanterns are made of Chinese lanterns with LED products as thick and shallow light poles. They can be hung on the light poles and light up together with street lights at night. They are us...
May 11 , 2022
The lifespan of custom lanterns has long been debated. But according to Deyi's experience, the outdoor service life of custom lanterns is generally 7-8 months in winter, while in summer, due to th...
May 04 , 2022
The production of luminight lanterns is very popular in the cultural tourism market, but many users do not know much about the materials when purchasing, which leads to many detours. In fact, the most...
Apr 19 , 2022
The lantern display is a traditional Chinese folk art. In modern times, as auspicious decorations for festive festivals, especially during the Spring Festival Lantern Festival every year, there are la...
Apr 05 , 2022
Celebration lanterns have been recorded in traditional Chinese culture for more than 800 years. Hundreds of years of cultural heritage, innovation, and creation have bloomed with the splendid brillian...
Mar 16 , 2022
The main purpose of the lantern display is to create a scenic park night view decoration, reflecting the unique tourism culture and improving the tourism highlights at the same time, to promote the to...
Mar 02 , 2022
Each different type of the Chinese lanterns has its own set of meanings, but all lanterns symbolize, generally speaking, hope for a better and brighter future. In Chinese culture, the meaning behind t...
Feb 23 , 2022
Since the festive lanterns can give people a festive and lively atmosphere, they can add popularity to corporate promotional activities. Enterprises and merchants can customize holiday lantern product...
Feb 09 , 2022
Like many Chinese traditions, Chinese lanterns have a rich history that spans thousands of years. For centuries, lanterns have been a staple of Chinese people, especially during celebrations. Differen...
Jan 25 , 2022
With elegant design and fancy craft, Zigong lantern is bright and colorful at night. It is not only a kind of folk culture but also an outstanding festive product. In most people's eyes, lanterns ...
Jan 11 , 2022
LED glitter lantern is a kind of popular culture exhibition, best known for grand scale. The skilful craftsmen can make various amazing works. However the holiday lantern manufacturers use very popula...
Dec 20 , 2021
Lantern display has a long history in Chinese society all over the world. It usually starts with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month. This day is the first full moon night of...
Dec 06 , 2021
Customization of festive lanterns is a classic Chinese folk art culture. With its diversified themes, rich forms, and short customization period, its position in the cultural tourism market has gradua...
Nov 22 , 2021
As the king of animals and dominater of wind and rain, dragon is a devine creature in the ancient Chinese myths. It is a symbol of status and auspicious sign, as well as one of the most representative...
Nov 12 , 2021
The outdoor Christmas lanterns are one of the standards by which people judge your living environment. The following articale tells how to make an elegant environment with own style. And what's th...
Sep 22 , 2021
The customization of luminous lanterns began in China during the Tang and Song Dynasties, and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Many kinds of lights can be customized according to different p...
Sep 15 , 2021
Usually, in the decorative LED Christmas lights in scenic spots, Christmas light manufacturers will choose holiday decoration lights. This kind of lamp is easy to install. The installer does not need ...
Sep 08 , 2021
Lanterns are used for various costumes in various festivals, celebrations or other activities. The colorful lights hanging on the trees and the houses are a pleasing scenery. It can be said that the c...
Sep 01 , 2021
Why do you hang pumpkin lanterns on Halloween? Many people probably don't know the reason, only that the annual outdoor Halloween pumpkin lantern is one of the essential elements.The story of outd...
Aug 23 , 2021
In the LED Christmas lantern lights of the scenic spot decoration, Christmas light manufacturers choose the holiday decoration lights as the scenic spot to be easy to install. There is no need to pave...
Aug 16 , 2021
LED Christmas lantern decor is suitable for urban lighting projects, business and tourism facade decoration, advertising decoration, large-scale lighting patterns, dance halls, hotels, high-grade plac...
Aug 09 , 2021
1. Lantern Festival lanterns: palace lanternPalace lanterns are special Chinese handicrafts that are famous in the world. Palace lantern won this name because it was mostly made and used by imperial p...
Aug 02 , 2021
The holiday time lights manufacturers of holiday lights often encounter various unexpected fault during the exhibition. Although maintenance and repair do not require high technology, they do require ...
Jul 22 , 2021
No matter what kind of lighting design of festive lantern, we usually use two ways of thinking to pursue creativity, namely commonality and innovation.1. Common ways of thinking about festive lanterns...
Jul 15 , 2021
The colored lanterns are used for decorations in various festivals, celebrations and other activities. It is a pleasing scenery that colored lanterns are hanged on the tree or the houses. There is no ...
Jul 08 , 2021
LED Christmas lanterns can only come in handy at Christmas? Every year at Christmas, these LED Christmas lanterns are always ubiquitous and sparkling, but in fact, no matter what time, you can often u...
Jul 01 , 2021
1. Materials for making Lantern Festival lanternsChina, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, as well as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other predominantly Chinese countries and regions, the Lantern Festiva...
May 24 , 2021
The lantern festival production company had a peak period before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival lantern festivals were held in many places. In ancient times, in order to avoid the fear o...
May 17 , 2021
Christmas is a festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus, and it is a very grand festival in many countries and regions, especially those with Western Christian culture. On occasions outside the chur...
May 10 , 2021
The production of festive lanterns has a more popular advantage than the Lantern Festival lanterns. In terms of time, the Festive Lantern is in a low period for people to travel far away. Therefore, t...
May 03 , 2021
Festive Lantern festivel will have the advantages of large scale and long time:In terms of time, Festive Lantern is different from other lantern festivals. First of all, Festival Lantern festivals are...
Apr 23 , 2021
Customized modeling lanterns can be said to be an indispensable skill for lantern manufacturers. They are mainly used to create festive atmosphere and are widely loved by the public, especially large-...
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