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Amimal Shaped Lighting
Amimal Shaped Lighting

Animal shaped lanterns belong to one special lantern style. It can be made for real or cartoon image. Every animal express a different meaning. 

We are specialized in Chinese lantern wholesale giving you a variety of animal shaped lanterns. Like panda is lovely, it always decorates with Bamboos. Panda absolutely turns to be an important cultural symbol of Chinese culture. Panda lantern makes people feel happy, peaceful. For another one Chinese culture symbol is the Chinese dragon. As a symbol of the Chinese nation, the dragon has been deeply rooted in the hearts of all Chinese people for five thousand years, the Chinese Dragon-shaped lantern forming a dragon culture with strong cohesion. So the dragon lantern is usually made for lantern show. Of course, many foreigners like animals lantern, its a real image. Tiger, Lion, Peacock, dinosaur, bear lanterns. We can make any animals you want, even the unique white animal crossing stone lantern. Making you feel like entering to the animal park with amazing hearts.

Types of Amimal Shaped Lighting

  • Chinese Dragon-phoenix Shapted Lantern

    Various shapes of dragons can be made, such as flying dragons in the air, swimming dragons in the water, fire-breathing dragons, etc., with unique shapes and no similarities.
  • Lion-shaped Lantern

    The lion is the King of beasts. The lion is the most common auspicious beast in our folk culture. It is the embodiment of wisdom and strength. It has auspicious, prosperous, and endless meanings, and symbolizes status, dignity, and peace.
  • Elephant-shaped Lantern

    The elephant is a symbol of auspicious and power in the Dai Minority of Chinese. Also, we know the elephant is spiritual. It often takes interactively with people in acrobatics.
  • Tiger-Shaped Lantern

    Tiger means justice, bravery, majesty. We are both like and afraid. It is a ferocious image. It's our very important role in the lantern show. Let people feel different power by lantern form.
  • Zebra-Shaped Lantern

    They have black-white strips which make them look more mysterious. They are cute animals living in Africa with their strong capabilities of running. When they are running in the African grassland, it's very shocking.
  • Ocean Animal Shaped Lantern

    You cannot imagine we can do all kinds of sea animals lantern, it really a surprise. we can Giant lantern-like whale, also we can do small ones. It presents a rich underwater world.
  • Other Animal Themed Lantern

    People like different animals, in addition to the above-listed parts, our company can also be customized according to your requirements of different animal lights.

FAQS of Our Animal Shaped Lighting

  • What is the features of animal shaped lighting ?
    What is the features of animal shaped lighting ?

    Steel for a frame with led string, its waterproof, sun-proof. It can work under -20℃.

  • What is the function of animal shaped lighting?
    What is the function of animal shaped lighting?

    The animal-shaped lighting is mostly shown in festivals or an event for the role of decoration to heighten the atmosphere.

  • Where can use animal shaped lighting?
    Where can use animal shaped lighting?

    It can be used for park, square, street, shipping more, indoor, house building, farm, the place suitable for lantern show.

  • What is the application of animal shaped lighting?
    What is the application of animal shaped lighting?

    It's mainly for festival decoration in certain events or lantern shows.

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